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The long awaited FLY SWATTER PAINTING post!

In April Teacher Tom wrote about Fly Swatter Painting. I must admit that the activity really appealed to me, but the mess that it made was the one thing that was stopping me from diving head first into the so-called paint pot!

I mentioned it on my Facebook Profile and asked who was brave enough to try the activity out. One enthusiastic parent said, “go Jo go!!!!!  i dare you…lol”.  Now of course, I don’t like turning down a dare. I don’t like being told that I can’t do something and I decided that her ‘encouragement’ was all I needed to do the activity.

The one thing about Family Day Care is that there is usually only one adult working with around 4 to 5 children. This means that cooking, cleaning, activities, toileting, sleep, phones and all the rest is done by me, so the thought of adding splatter painting to my day is a rather daunting idea.

I spent the week discussing the activity with the children and the parents. We needed to work out where the activity was going to take place and also when. I had to make sure that I could do it on a day where the children are old enough and responsible enough to be able to help me with the clean up and preparation of it.

The kids were excited and so were the parents. At long last the day came and we created our own Fly Swatter Painting masterpiece.

The end result was paint on the neighbour’s roof, paint on my walls and my gate and HUGE smiles on the kiddies faces. All the mess was very worth it. We all had fun and we all wanted to do it again! Will we do it again? Um, one day…….


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  1. I am starting to gain respect for George.

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