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Infant Play

I received an e-mail today from Exchange Every Day about the importance of play with babies. I often hear parents say to me that they don’t do enough with their children. This article just goes to show that even the little things that you do are very important!

Infant Play
July 29, 2010

Laugh at yourself and children will learn to laugh at their own mistakes. A role model is a very powerful thing.
-Gigi Taylor Schweikert from her book, Teacher Tips

When new parents arrive at Day Schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma, owner Laura Briley provides them with a copy of the New Zealand publication, Dance with Me in the Heart by Pennie Brownlee, to help them create a great experience for the new addition to their family.  In the book, Brownlee talks about the importance of play:

“Next to being loved and nurtured, play is the most important thing in the baby’s world.  Play is the generic intelligence; it is the activity that opens the files of all other intelligences.  Play for your baby means being free to move in her body because moving is playing for a baby.  Play also means being free to choose what to play with (from the selection you provide) and being free to play with it as little or as long as she wants.  Then there is the play that lays their foundations for their lifetime o f playing with others.  This play includes singing lullabies, songs and jingles, dancing around the kitchen with your baby partner in your arms, making funny faces, and just generally hanging out.”

Infant Play


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