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Effects of the media from a child development perspective

I was sitting at a restaurant tonight discussing the fact that getting my 7 year old son a portable DVD Player for his birthday is a bad idea. My Mom couldn’t understand why I believe that the tv is evil! So evil in fact that I have now resorted to no tv or Nintendo DS during the week at all! The result has been a calm, creative, lego playing son.

This conversation got me thinking about a very interesting article that I read from a website that I refer to constantly. The website is called Young Media and it is worth a look. The fantastic thing about this site is that they review all kiddies movies and break it down so that you can decide whether or not you want your child to watch it.

If you find that your child also turns into a Monster after an hour or so in front of a screen, have a read and see if you can understand why.


One Response

  1. Jo, so funny that you talk about this today! My daughter has been “afraid” of the dark and being alone in a room for the last month and its ONLY TV!! Toy Story 3,How to train your dragon, Scooby Doo (not sure how she knows that one!)
    To quote your article- where ‘bad guys’ threaten the safety of ‘good guys’ gives an underlying message of instability and threat is repeated over and over again in many children’s programs giving children the impression of a threatening and unsafe world where danger is never put to rest.”
    I am experiencing it first hand and its making me sad that due to my lack of judgement my little girl is afraid!
    Thanks for highlighting this issue!

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