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7 Surprising Areas Where You’ll Be Happier With Less

I was looking at my 7 year old son’s bedroom this morning.  It was his birthday a few days ago and the presents that he got from his family are all over the place.  His cupboards are over flowing as are his shelves and his drawers and it dawned on me that Christmas is around the corner. What this means for me is MORE TOYS!!! In my days I had 7 Barbie dolls, my daughter has 15 and counting and she is only 4 years old! I had 1 Cabbage Patch, Katiana has 3. How much more can they possibly get? On the way to school I was trying to explain to my kids that they have too much stuff and next year they are getting NOTHING from me (other than birthdays & Christmas). My daughter volunteered to give her toys to the poor people because they are sad because they don’t have enough toys. I told her that having only ONE toy would make them happy. I tried to explain that having more stuff doesn’t make us happier.  I used her brother as an example. He has 1 ZuZu pet, but he’s not happy because he wants 2. He has one Nano Pet, but no, he wants TWO. He has enough lego to build a house, but he still wants MORE, MORE, MORE! I asked her, “Is Stelio happy?” She thought about it and then shook her head. So now I have to figure out how to thin  out his toys.

When I got home I found this e-mail in my inbox about being happier with less! It’s almost as though the Universe is telling me that I’m on the right path! I have to do something about it.  I picked up some very valid points from this e-mail and thought that it would be nice to share it. If I can make a difference in someone’s life today then I have served my purpose.



7 Surprising Areas Where You’ll Be Happier With Less.


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