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Rainbow Bread

While trying to catch up on all the action in the land of Facebook I got side tracked on Lea’s Family Day Care Page.  She is an Educator in Queensland and has some wonderful entries on her page.  The one that caught my eye was her Rainbow Day.  I looked at the slices of colourful bread and wondered how they are made. Another Educator asked her how it was done and after a bit of reading turns out that it is a complicated process.  I have a Thermomix and making bread is as easy as 1-2-3, so after a discussion with my kids, we decided to try it out.  I made the bread dough, broke it into a few balls and added some high quality food colouring to it.  We then sat kneading the colour into the dough.  After 25 minutes in the oven, the bread smelt good and looked colourful.

We took it out and let it cool down. Hubby, children and I were all crowded around the bread wondering what it would taste like.  I must admit, eating something that looks like a rainbow made tasting it very difficult.  Hubby closed his eyes to taste it, “Mmm, needs a bit more salt, but it tastes like bread”. I put butter and vegemite on mine and tasted it again, “Tastes like bread”! I’m thinking of making their school sandwiches out of that bread just so that I can see what their friends say!!


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