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Why Kids Need Nature

If you don't have a tree in your garden, explore your neighbourhood and go and find a 'free range' one!

I grew up in my garden! I was allowed to watch one hour of tv after school and then I had to spend the rest of the day outside. I had hiding places in my Mom’s flowerbeds and I had trees that I could climb. When I was sad I hid behind the bushes, when I was angry I climbed a tree and when I wanted to explore and carry out the stories in my imagination I would head outdoors. I even had a spot to do my homework (under a tree in a very deep flowerbed)!

As I headed into my teenage years the garden at our new house was bigger and better. It had more trees (which I wasn’t agile enough to climb), it had a fish pond with a bridge over it (where I would sneak a kiss with boyfriends) and it even had nooks and crannies that I could hide in to puff on a forbidden cigarette!! I would spend days lying around the pool and hot Summer evenings entertaining friends outdoors….

Such happy times! Now I live in Perth and I have the sea and beautiful beaches just a short drive down the road. I have fantastic parks and pine forests, but I don’t have the garden that I had growing up. All I want is a tree for my kids to climb, but I suppose I have to plant one first 🙂 So I resort to taking my children to parks, to empty blocks with bushes, thorns, stones and hidden treasures. We walk around the neighbourhood looking at beautiful flowers, we stop and smell them.

I have found that Nature is important for children, but it’s also important for me. Adults need nature too, it clears our minds and it slows us  down. I could start another blog about why Nature is important for adults, but I’m here for our children…

Today I was directed towards a very interesting article about Why Kids Need Nature and I wanted to share it with you.



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