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The Television Tussle

I thought I’d forward on an e-mail I received from Exchange Every Day about one of the hardest challenges facing parents! My personal experience is not limited to the tv only, it includes the hand-held gaming equipment, computers, mobile phones…. in fact ANYTHING with a screen!

Have a read and see if there are any alarm bells ringing in your head.

In her Exchange book, The Top Ten Preschool Parenting Problems,
Roslyn Duffy observes that one of the hardest challenges parents face is
limiting the impact of television on their children’s development.  Duffy
cited research showing that children imitate aggressive behavior they observe
on television, and that children who engage in heavy television watching are
less likely to be able to read and less likely to spend time outdoors.
Here are some of the steps Duffy suggests to parents to limit the impact of

  • Do not place a television or computer in a young child’s bedroom.
  • View programs together…..Watching a program with a child gives an adult the opportunity to question, discuss and help a child interpret what she sees.
  • Choose non-commercial programs.  Most videos from the library…do not promote consumerism.
  • Read. Raise a reader.  Read to your children.  Read with your children.  Model reading.  Make time for reading.

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