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You gotta laugh!

From ChildCareExchange:

Laughter gives us a distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it, and then move on. -Bob Newhart


“In the Beginning. . .  The very, wicked  meanie monster saw the child care director laughing and enjoying her job  and said I must make this stop.  The meanie monster held a meeting with  all the other meanie monsters to delegate responsibilities.  The other  meanie monsters formed committees, and soon, task forces to study ways  to stop the child care director from having so much fun.  Fear spread  amongst the ranks of the meanie monsters that if her humor was not soon  stopped it could spread from the land of children and infect other  workplaces.  One alarmist meanie went so far as to suggest that if humor  was not stopped even accountants might be infected.  This could never be.
“And a plan was created and put into place.  A being was made real that  was so horrible that even the meanest meanie was afraid.  And the being  was given a name: Licensing Lady.  And the Licensing Lady was sent forth  to do battle with the child care director…”

This is how Jerry Parr’s article, “Humor as a Tool in the Workplace,” which is included in the Beginnings Workshop Book, Child Development II, opens.  To see what follows, you can read the entire article on the Exchange website.


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