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9 Reasons to Garden with your Kids


Getting children outdoors these days is like trying to get them to take a bath! Screens seem to provide all the entertainment.  The sad truth is that it is easier to put a child in front of a screen than it is to take them outside to play in the fresh air.  Parents have also become attached to their screens and getting a parent outdoors might be just as difficult as getting their child out there!

I have memories of ‘helping’ my Mom in the garden, she gave me a little patch of earth that I could call my own. I don’t remember ever growing veggies in the patch of dirt, but I do remember having lots of fun looking after my plants.  It was easy to play outside because kiddies tv was only on for a short time in the morning and the batteries in the Donkey Kong would only last so long (and they were expensive to replace).

This lovely post by Adventurous Mom reinforces the reasons for going outdoors, hopefully it will inspire you to step away from the computer, go to the shops to get some seedlings, soil and seedling trays so that you and your child can enjoy the benefits of nature.


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