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Why does it feel like the government is trying to get rid of Family Day Care?

I came across this article published on the ABC news website talking all about the changes with the Working With Children Card. What I find interesting is that other than one sentence mentioning the review period of the cards, no other changes were covered in detail.  This is where the opportunity comes in to try and give Family Day Care a bad name. 

There are a few sentences about the fact that Educator’s husbands or partners are not required to have a Working With Children Card! Believe it or not, anyone over 18 living in the house is not required to have one unless they actually work with the children! Now let me clear something up……Family Day Care Services, who monitor and support these Educators, have been insisting for over two years now that anyone over 18 SHOULD have a WWC Card! We (I’m speaking on behalf of these Services) have been told to stop asking our Educators to get other occupants checked! It is our moral and legal obligation to ensure that children are safe in their Family Day Care environment and we do all we can to make sure that happens. I would like parents to know that we DO try to get every adult checked and even though they can’t apply for a WWC Card they do still have to get a police clearance. Choose a reputable service, get to know the staff who support your Educators and I promise you Family Day Care will be the best form of child care that you have used.  It’s a beautiful, nurturing, dynamic and educational early childhood experience that I wish every child could discover! 


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