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This is ILLEGAL and families need to know!


I saw this post on Facebook tonight and I got really upset and disappointed with this educator. Then I thought to myself, maybe she doesn’t know any better. Maybe her Scheme has not taught her about the rules and regulations in Family Day Care.

There is one thing that this educator and all families need to know – offering care for children in an educator’s home without a registration certificate is ILLEGAL! I’m sure that this educator is great with children, I noticed that she got a few ‘likes’ on her post, but at the end of the day she is advertising an illegal business and practice. Family Day Care educators have to go through a rigorous registration process. They are educating other people’s children and they need to show that they are good enough to do such an important job.

If they are registered with an ethical Family Day Care Service then they should be monitored on a regular basis with support visits.  These visits ensure that your children are safe and that the educator is complying! Family Day Care Educators have a curriculum that they need to follow, they have healthy food guidelines they should abide by and their services are checked from the front to the back to make sure that they are safe for your children.

Posts like this should be reported to the Education and Care Regulatory Unit. Family Day Care educators are passionate about what they do and they work hard to offer high quality services.  Sure, there are some out there who don’t maintain high standards, but that’s what the National Quality Standards are for! I can’t stand by and watch this happen anymore. Join me and help give Family Day Care the recognition it deserves. If you see people advertising child care from their own home, and they are not Family Day Care Educators, REPORT THEM. It’s time to take a stand because it seems like nobody else will!


5 Responses

  1. So.. did you report them?

    • Kathrynmarks, I did report them but was told that ECRU are not able to contact Educators on social media, so unless I gave them her physical address there was nothing they could do! Let’s not mention the fact that her full name and area she lives in was mentioned in the post. I would have thought that ECRU would have a list of educators or at least ask schemes in the area whether they have an educator with the lady’s name!

  2. But she may be a registered carer through Human services which is completely legal, same principles as FDC but do not need to meet all the regulations and CCR cannot be claimed. If she is then her post should have been more clear to state this but you cannot assume that this is not the case.

    • It is illegal in WA and she is based in Western Australia.

    • It’s what frustrates me the most about these regulations. They were supposed to bring all the States onto the same page, but each State has its own rules still. The Educator who posted her ‘expression of interest’ in all likelihood doesn’t know that she can’t do that in WA and that’s why I felt the need to inform the general public about what can and can’t be done in Family Day Care.

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