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FDC in crisis

A friend emailed me this article, FDC in Crisis, from the Autumn 2015 edition of Rattler magazine. It absolutely breaks my heart to see how much of a beating Family Day Care is taking. I am very curious to know why the Government did not respond to the issues that were being reported to them? I have reported a few cases of ‘dodgy family day care’ only to be told that, essentially nothing can be done due to various reasons / excuses!  It sounds to me like it’s too hard for Family Day Care to be monitored. Not only are there hundreds of Schemes, but there are thousands of educators.  Common sense would tell you to clamp down on the Schemes, don’t make it so easy for them to set up, but obviously common sense does not prevail in this situation. I would be so interested to hear what a Government official’s response to this article would be.


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