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I am passionate about Family Day Care. Children Inspire me and I could honestly not think of a better path I want my life to follow. Children are children for such a short time and the Early Years are the most exciting. They are noisy, busy, passionate, emotional, fun, inspiring times and I get to play with them before they are ‘tamed’!

I love my job and I hope that my blog refelcts that!


2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I found your site while searching for a blog on childcare. I’m wondering if you will give me some advice since I think you may have experience with the problem I am facing. I have a state certified Family Day Care in WI. Certification allows me to care for 3 children unrelated to me at a time under the age of 7. I currently have one full time position open, and am looking to fill it. Now today, one of my children’s mother comes to pick him up and shares with me that she is 8 weeks pregnant. She is due in June, but is a teacher, so wants to bring her 2 year old and infant to me starting in Sept 2013. Of course, I want to take both of them, and I love her 2 year old. However, if I fill the spot I have open, I won’t have room for her baby unless I kick out another family that still wants care. If I leave the spot open until Sept, I would be out 8k, so that is not an option. If I fill the spot now, and don’t have room for her baby, they will undoubtedly go somewhere else…

    Have you ever had a situation like this? Do you have any advice about what to do?

    I really really appreciate any help you can give me!


    • Hi Krissy,
      It is a bit of a tough situation you are in. I would suggest that you be honest with the Mum who is pregnant. Tell her that you would love to have her baby when it is ready to start care, but also tell her that you can’t guarantee her a spot. Just mention that you have another family interested in one of your spaces and if you say no to her then you will be out of pocket. I would suggest that you tell her that you will take the children that you can fit, but the baby will have to go on a waiting list. In my experience if the parent really wants their child to be with you then they make alternative arrangements until such time as a spot opens up. I also don’t like turning people away because of what “might happen” and often find that things work out in the end. If she is really eager for you to save the spot then she might be willing to pay for it until such time as her baby is ready to come to you (I know it’s a bit of a long shot). First things first, speak to the parent and see what they have to say. Ask them for their advice.
      I hope I’ve managed to help you out in some way.

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