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It’s about time!

I was so happy to see this link on Facebook today. Family Day Care is such an incredible form of childcare and the Educators work so hard! Unfortunately, rules and regulations have changed and there are a lot of Schemes (I refuse to use the word “Service” too confusing) out there who have figured out how to make a quick buck. I have had a few potential educators give me astonished looks when I tell them that they have to have a First Aid and that I will be checking their houses to make sure they are safe! Their response, “The other Scheme I contacted told me that I have a year to get my First Aid, and they don’t want to see my house”!! I have lots to say about the issue, but it looks like it’s finally being looked into! I can only hope that this article gets some media coverage in Perth because there would be a lot more than 50 families who would be caught out here!

My weekend has been made!


Toddler Approved Pinterest Pages

Toddler Approved Pinterest Pages

I’m not sure how this is going to work…..technology is advancing at such a fast pace that links to everything and anything are becoming more accessible by the minute. Pinterest, for those of you who might be a bit behind on the technology side of things, is basically a pin board that you can group websites that you like in categories. I’m still playing around with it and exploring how it works and how to use it effectively, so forgive me if I’m not making total sense! I received an email today with some great activities and ideas and they are all grouped on Pintrest, have a look and take from it what you need.

Live and work b…

Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.
-Eileen Caddy

Encouraging Language Development

Language delays can be due to a variety of reasons. Here are some simple ideas that could make the world of difference to a child

Childcare Exchange Article

An App that helps with Autism

An interesting read about an app that has been developed to assist children with Autism in reading facial expressions. An added bonus is that the app is FREE!

Sydney Morning Herald Article

The bad news for childcare in Joe Hockeys budget

The bad news for childcare in Joe Hockeys budget.

Maybe we need to ask WHY Family Day Care is being so heavily penalised? Have certain individuals and services abused the new system?

5 Responses that work with Children

It’s always a minefield when trying to find the right words to tell children not to do something. You’re not allowed to use negative words and you have to think a good 20 seconds to figure out how to ask a child to stop doing something without using the words ‘don’t’ and ‘no’! The Carrots are Orange website has written a great post called “5 Responses that work with Children” relating to responses that she has found have worked wonders for her children. I even tried some of them today, they worked a treat 🙂